Eugene Rogers, conductor
in partnership with The Washington Chorus

Saturday, May 11, 2024 · 7:30 pm

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National Philharmonic and The Washington Chorus reunite under the baton of TWC Artistic Director Eugene Rogers for a program highlighting the brilliant choral works of Lili Boulanger, Igor Stravinsky, and Ludwig van Beethoven. The intricate harmonies, expressive melodies, and expansive orchestration of Boulanger’s Psalm 24 paint a picture of the composer’s faith and immense talent. While Symphony of Psalms is a profound work that blends religious texts into Stravinsky’s unique musical vision, using dissonant harmonies and shifting meters to create a sense of drama and tension. 

The Mass in C Major—known as the Missa in C—bridges Beethoven’s classical early works and his more experimental compositions, showcasing his masterful understanding of the power of orchestra and chorale. The Missa in C is unique in its clarity and simplicity, conveying moving spiritual themes in a work that remains a beloved staple of the choral repertoire to this day. 


Lili Boulanger, Psalm 24 (La Terre appartient à l'Eternel; The Earth is the Lord's)

Igor Stravinsky, Symphony of Psalms (Symphonie de psaumes)

  1. Psalm 38: 13-14 [King James Ps.39: 12-13] 
  2. Psalm 39: 2-4 [King James Ps.40:1-3] 
  3. Psalm 150 [King James Ps.150] 


Ludvig van Beethoven, Mass, op.86, C major 

  1. Kyrie 
  2. Gloria 
  3. Credo 
  4. Sanctus 
  5. Agnus Dei 

Guest Artists

Colleen Daly
Nicholas Music
The Washington Chorus
Magdalena Wor
Mezzo Soprano
Soloman Howard





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