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Dieneke Johnson

Board Member

Having been born and raised in The Netherlands, Dieneke Johnson came to the United States in time to attend the University of Georgia, and to join the rest of the family after they emigrated 8 months earlier. After having lived in the Chicago area, she and her family moved to Maryland, where she became a docent for the National Symphony, ot prepare Montgomery County student for attending school concerts in Washington, then the only opportunity for kids to attend such events. 

While working for The Gazette she was able to marry those experiences with board membership in what is now the National Philharmonic and mentoring students at Viers Mill Elementary School in Silver Spring. A number of kids, all from immigrant families, have been able to benefit from the All Kids All Free program for years. Now happily retired, she still brings youngsters to the concert hall, and enjoys her grandchildren and children, and traveling.  

The National Philharmonic has figured prominently for nearly half her lifetime! 

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