Chopin the Virtuoso Trivia

  1. How many years has tonight’s soloist Brian Ganz been doing his Chopin performance project with NatPhil?
  •  7 years
  • 14 years (including the pandemic)
  • 20 years

***Brian Ganz is in year 13 (14 if you count the pandemic virtual performance) and a few years away from performing all of Chopin’s works for piano.

2. Over Chopin’s career he composed music in many genres, mostly for the piano. Which genre did Chopin NOT include in his compositions?

  • symphony
  • mazurka
  • polonaise
  • concerto

3. Chopin was NOT known to incorporate this style and influence into his music.

  • Polish tunes
  • fugues
  • Polish dance music
  • jazz

4. Which composer wrote a raving review of Chopin’s Grand Duo concertante?

  • Robert Schumann
  • Beethoven
  • Clara Schumann
  • Frantz Liszt

5. Where is Chopin from, and where did he live before he died?

  • Warsaw, Poland & Paris, France
  • London, UK & Berlin, Germany
  • Warsaw, Poland & Berlin Germany
  • Paris, France & New York USA

6. How many works of Chopin have survived and are accessible today?

  • Over 230 works, mostly for piano
  • Over 3000 works
  • Under 50 works
  • 500 works

7. How old was Chopin when he passed away?

  • 39
  • 47
  • 65
  • 90

*** Chopin died in Paris, after a long battle with tuberculosis.

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