Dvořák Symphony No. 7 Trivia

1. Which piece from tonight’s concert uses Morse Code in the music?

  1. Phenomenal Women
  2. Dvorak Symphony No. 7

2. Which piece from tonight’s concert was commissioned for chamber orchestra by the Library of Congress in 2019?

  1. Dvorak Symphony No. 7
  2. Phenomenal Women

*This piece was originally written for the Imani Woodwind Quintet, (who just won a Grammy last weekend!) + chamber orchestra and the debut performance was given in Carnegie Hall.

3. What is tonight’s piece Phenomenal Women based on?

  1. A novel about Katherine Johnson, the NASA Scientist
  2. Poem by Maya Angelou
  3. Michelle Obama’s book “Becoming”

4. Which composer from tonight’s concert draws inspiration heavily from folk music?

  1. Antonin Dvorak
  2. Valerie Coleman

5. Which Phenomenal Woman is not featured in tonight’s piece?

  1. Serena Williams
  2. Meagan Markle
  3. Michelle Obama
  4. Maya Angelou

6. What is Phenomenal Woman Claressa Shields famous for?

  1. Winning the Nobel Peace Prize
  2. Winning a Grammy
  3. Winning an Olympic Gold medal in Boxing

7. What’s Dvorak’s most famous String Quartet called?

  1. The Hills of Iowa, Quartet no. 2
  2. The American Quartet
  3. The Iranian Quartet

8. Dvorak is known for integrating what styles of music into his compositions?

  1. Jazz
  2. African American Spirituals
  3. Indigenous music
  4. Rock and roll

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