Handel’s Messiah Trivia

  1. When was Handel’s Messiah first performed in public?
  • 1600 
  • 1742 
  • 1999 
  • 1800 
  1. In what language is Handel’s Messiah sung?
  • German 
  • French 
  • Italian
  • English    
  1. How many movements does Handel’s Messiah have?
  • 11 
  • 22 
  • 33 
  • 44 
  1. Which of the following composers wrote the libretto for Handel’s Messiah?
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 
  • Johann Sebastian Bach 
  • George Frideric Handel 
  • Charles Jennens 
  1. What is the most famous movement from Handel’s Messiah?
  • “And He Shall Purify” 
  • “For Unto Us a Child is Born” 
  • “Hallelujah Chorus” 
  • “Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs” 
  1. Where was Handel’s Messiah first performed?
  • Dublin, Ireland 
  • London, England 
  • Berlin, Germany 
  • Paris, France 

***Invited by the Duke of Devonshire, Handel arranged a subscription series of six concerts, to be held between December 1741 and February 1742 at the Great Music Hall, Fishamble Street. These concerts were so popular that a second series was quickly arranged; Messiah figured in neither series. 

  1. Which of the following composers has been an enlisted investor at the Royal African Company, one of Britain’s two official slave trading companies?
  • W.A.Mozart 
  • L.V.Beethoven 
  • G.F.Handel 
  • Sergei Prokofiev 

 ***In early 2013 historians discovered a printed list of the investors in the Royal African Company, one of Britain’s two official slave trading companies. The list named composer Handel. It is now believed Handel benefited from his investments which allowed him to compose Messiah. 

  1. Handel wrote Messiah once audience interest in Italian opera had disappeared. Handel composed Messiah in just 24 days, and it was written to:
  • honor the King 
  • raise money for a charitable concert series  
  • celebrate the holidays 

 ***The Messiah was so popular and tickets were selling like crazy. To fit the large audience, ladies were asked to attend without hoops in their skirts and gentlemen without their swords so they could fit as many people as possible. 

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