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Jim Kelly, President

Cell: 202-321-7832


Anna Harris, Director of Artistic Operations

Cell: 443-857-4205


Laurie Lane, Administrative and Development Associate  

*Contact Laurie for all things related to payroll and onboarding. 

Cell: 301-332-3476


Olivia Ren, Librarian




Musicians of the orchestra may wear one of the following dress code options for all Symphony concerts. 

No gender conformity is necessary, so any gender can where any listed option below.

  1. Black suit with black modern fitting pants with a black shirt with long sleeves of similar cocktail attire
  2. Black full-length skirt with a black blouse of the formal cocktail attire with ¾ or full-length sleeves.
  3. Black Dress with formal dress shoes with or without a heel, any color. (Sparkles encouraged). 

Black Blouse of the formal cocktail attire with ¾ or full-length sleeves.

  • Black pants suit or full pant and dress blouse combination. Must be of the formal cocktail party attire. 

A jumpsuit with formal and long sleeves with dress shoes with or without a heel, any color.

Important Guidelines: No open back blouses, no strapless, must be ¾ or long sleeves. Dresses must have a ¾ or full-length sleeve as well as no slits above mid-calf. No skin-tight pencil style skirts or tight-fitting dresses.

Jewelry: Sparkly jewelry and stage makeup encouraged to prevent looking pale on stage with stage lights.

*Shoes: Please wear colorful and fashionable dress shoes* No clogs, boots, crocs, sneakers, or casual shoes permitted unless specified. Shoes must be polished.


Please note the rate of pay for this season is DC book scale which is $57.75 per hour of rehearsal and $210 per performance, as referenced in Article V Section I of the CBD agreement between NatPhil and D.C. FEDERATION OF MUSICIANS, LOCAL 161-710  

All musicians must be enrolled in NP’s payroll system. If this is your first engagement with the orchestra, provide Laurie with your name, email, and birthdate. You will receive an enrolment email from Payroll Services LLC that will allow you to set up a secure account to provide all the required paperwork. Direct Deposit is our preferred option. If you have played with us before, please login to your account at to update your information. Contact Laurie if you are new to NP or have any questions.


Concert Hall Stage: Strathmore expects cellists and bassists of all orchestras, including NP, to use rock stops or other forms of end pin covering while onstage, or face financial penalties for any resulting damage. NP wishes to avoid any such fines and so appreciates your cooperation in this matter.

Use of electronic devices and other diversions at rehearsals and concerts:

It is expected that while you are sitting in your seat during rehearsals and concerts, personal electronic devices are not to be used.  Magazines and books may not be on display on your stand during concerts, especially when audience or chorus members are behind the orchestra.


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