Vive La France Trivia

  1. Which two composers from tonight’s concert were at the Paris Conservatory at the same time?
  • Louise Farrenc
  • Joseph Bologne
  • Camille Saint-Saens

*** Louise Farrenc was hired at conservatory as a professor when Saint Saens was also studying at the conservatory as a child. In 1842, Louise Farrenc became the only woman appointed as a professor at the Paris Conservatory – and this was the ONLY appointment of a woman for the entire 19th century.

  1. Which composer from tonight’s program fought for equal pay and won?
  • Louise Farrenc
  • Joseph Bologne
  • Camille Saint-Saens

*** While in her 30 years as a professor at the conservatory, she was paid far less than her male counterparts, and spent almost a decade protesting and fighting for equality, and it was finally granted to her (after a successful premiere of her nonet).

  1. Which one is incorrect? In addition to being a composer, Joseph Bologne was also:
  • an accomplished violinist
  • a highly sought after chef
  • “the best swordsman in Europe”
  1. Composer Joseph Bologne’s title was “Chevalier de Saint Georges.” Chevalier is the word for:
  • knight
  • Swordsman
  • car
  1. US President John Adams called him:
  • “the world’s best composer”
  • “the most accomplished man in Europe”
  • “An untalented violinist ;)”
  1. Camille Saint Saens was a child prodigy. After a piano recital at age 10, he offered to play any:
  • Florence Price piano pieces as an encore from memory
  • Beethoven piano sonata as an encore from memory
  • Chopin noctures as an encore from memory

***trick question – Florence Price wasn’t alive yet 😉

  1. Which one is incorrect? Composer Camille Saint Saens:
  • spoke multiple languages
  • was a serious author
  • was also a great swordsman

*Correct answers are in bold

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