National Philharmonic Chorale


Open auditions for the 2022-23 season are now complete, tenors and basses interested in auditioning, please contact Chorale Personnel Manager Laurie Lane at to request an audition.


A solo of your choice that shows off your voice, in any style
or “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”


Sight Singing

Fees for the 22-23 Season are $150 for the year. Scholarships are available.

The Chorale rehearses Tuesday nights at 7:30pm – 10pm at The Music Center at Strathmore, early September through early June.




Piotr Gajewski
Music Director and Conductor
Stan Engebretson
Chorale Artistic Director
Aundi Marie Moore
Artistic Advisor
Laurie Lane
Chorale Personnel Manager
Elizabeth G. Hill
Collaborative Pianist

Chorale Roster 22-23



Diane Baldrige
Liisa Balzar
Michelle Megan Blake
Yewon Cheon
Anne Claysmith
Sara Coleman
Cherie Davis
Donna Eckert
Lisa Edgley
Meg Flanagan
Caitlin Garry

Rebecca Goldberg
Denise Harding
Lisa Harter
Kathleen Henry
Jessica Holden
Elizabeth James
Laurie Lane
Laila Linden
Amanda Liverpool Cummins
Natasha Maskaly

Annie McCasland
Cecilia Munoz
Katherine Nelson-Tracey
Becca Newman
Katya Simon
Marlene Skopec
Cathlin Tully
Gillian Vander Tuig
Cindy Williams
Angelina Wong


Diane Bild
Elizabeth Bishop Gemoets
Pascale Brady
Ellen Carleton
Carolyn Chuhta
Maura Costello
Sandra Daughton
Deirdre Feehan
Lois Goodstein
Stacey Henning

Tiffany Jordan
Sara Josey
Francesca Kim
Heather Lanasa
Melissa Lieberman
Eleanor Lynch
Julie MacCartee
Karen Malley
Meg McCormick Martin<

Misato Miyamasu
Sharon Neubauer
Martha Newman
Mona Osuchukwu
Leighanna Reichenbach
Sallie Roberts
Claudia Salvador
Sarah Wagoner Moore
Wendy Weinberg


Kenneth Bailes
Steven Blondo
Julian-Israel Canizares
Ruth Faison
Ed Grossman

Fritz Liao Aluben
Jane Lyle
Jeff McCasland
Derrick Miller
Joel Miller

Tom Nessinger
Dennis Vander Tuig
Weeun Wang
Timothy Ziese


Kenneth Bogen
Ron Cappelletti
Richard Chitty
Bopper Deyton
Doug Fisher
Ronald Frezzo
Filbert Hong
John Lobst

Eli Jacks
Bill Josey
Gabril Kengi, Jr.
Larry Maloney
Bill McBee
Kent Mikkelsen
Leif Neve

Devin Osborne
Alec Petkoff
Scott Simon
Yale Sosin
Matthew Steynor
Alun Thomas
Anthony Zwerdling

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