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Youth Mentorship Program


The Youth Mentorship Program (YMP) aims to contribute to students’ holistic growth through the vehicles of music and extramusical opportunities to connect with a diverse community of students and professional musicians. This year, the National Philharmonic (NatPhil) will integrate with NatPhil Lesson Bank, providing weekly private instrumental lessons for all participants. In collaboration with our Sphinx Orchestral Futurist in Residence, Yasmine Bougacha, we will introduce an additional component, the YMP Chamber Players. This program includes small chamber group assignments, biweekly chamber music coachings, and performance opportunities. 

In addition to the performance aspect of the program, students will have the opportunity to participate in workshops focusing on life skills, college preparation and personal development. Studying an instrument requires and improves abilities such as time management, working efficiently alone and within a group, project management, etc. Within this program we discuss and work on these abilities, preparing students for future tasks and various professional paths after high school. 

We are thrilled to provide a program of high-quality instruction and workshops for students who are passionate about improving their musical and personal skills. What makes this program powerful is the experience of being in a chamber group and the relationships built with highly regarded professionals from the NatPhil and DC community. These partnerships provide access to information, career-building connections and, most importantly, affirmations that these talented students are worthy to achieve any goal they desire, no matter their upbringing. 

Program Requirements 

  • Consistent effort and practice 
  • Attendance at weekly 45-minute private lessons 
  • Attendance for Saturday NatPhil Concerts & Curated Concert Immersives at Strathmore & other NatPhil engagements as scheduled (see schedule below)
  • Attendance for biweekly chamber coachings starting in early Spring
  • Students must be in Middle or High School (grades 6-12) to participate
  • All instruments and vocalists are eligible


  • To share the resources and assets of the National Philharmonic with local young aspiring artists
  • To give students within historically resilient communities the opportunity to receive intensive, high-quality private instruction building musical skills & knowledge on their solo instrument and in a chamber group that can be carried through professional life beyond high school
  • To create a sense of community between YMP students, the NatPhil community and partners like the Washington National Opera
  • To inspire and grow the students’ passion for music in a supportive and joyful environment
  • To create a space that allows for collaboration by practicing teamwork and communication skills that will empower students to create and develop ideas freely
  • To provide seminars on topics like college preparation, musical/arts career development, and wellness
  • To include students in the Harmonic Justice Program by giving them a platform to start defining the orchestra of the future for themselves

NatPhil Concert & Curated Concert Immersive Schedule 

Friday, February 3, 2023 • Rachmaninoff’s 150th Birthday

Saturday, April 15, 2023 • Beethoven’s 7th 

Saturday, May 13, 2023 • Cosmic Cycles 

Sunday, June 4, 2023 • Carmina Burana + Hailstork’s 5th Symphony

The 2023 Application has Closed

For questions contact: khesabi@nationalphilharmonic.org and/or tiffany@nationalphilharmonic.org 

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